Professor Jie Zhang, the Head of CWiND (Centre for Wireless Network Design), took a Chair in Wireless Systems in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering (, University of Sheffield (, in January 2011.

CWiND is now one of the three teams in the Communications Group (, the Dept. of EEE, University of Sheffield.

The CWiND team (transferred from the University of Bedfordshire to University of Sheffield) is a well known and world leading research group in radio propagation, radio access network (RAN) planning and optimisation (P&O), femtocell, and indoor wireless network P&O.

CWiND was founded by Prof. Jie Zhang in 2006.

Since 2003, the CWiND members have been awarded over 20 projects by the EPSRC, the European Commission FP6/FP7 and the industry etc worth over £4.0 million to the team. These projects are centred on new radio propagation models, UMTS/HSPA/LTE/WiMAX simulation, planning and optimization (including self-optimisation), radio resource management (RRM), indoor wireless network design and femtocells. Since 2006, in these areas, CWiND members have published over 40 papers in journals such as IEEE Trans on Wireless Communications/Communications/Antenna & Propagation/Microwave Theory and Techniques/Vehicular Technology, IEEE JSAC/Com. Mag./Network/Com. Lett/Signal Proc. Lett., IET Communications, and Wireless Networks, and some 60 papers in conferences. Since 2006, CWiND has sustained a team comprising of 15-25 postdoctoral RFs/PhD students, many of whom had worked with Ericsson, Nokia, Vodafone, China Telecom, Nortel, Telefornica R&D etc before joining CWiND.

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